Super 8s

S8s League Table & Results

About the Competition

This competition was introduced 7 years ago, to give those not playing county cricket the opportunity of some additional cricket on non-league dates.   It is a competition for 8 players and as we play 8 ball overs gives us the competition title of Super 8's.  
Depending on how many clubs wish to enter, the format will either be two conferences divided geographically north and south but this does require 18 clubs taking part. We did achieve this when the competition first started.   Each conference will have 9 clubs each and with the preliminary rounds played over 4 Sundays it will mean everyone plays each other once, so two games each day.    There will be a quarter-final round with the semi-finals and finals played on the same day. 
If lesser clubs enter, it will be one conference which means you will still play 8 preliminary games but obviously won't play every club who has entered. 
The draw is completely random and as clubs are drawn from all division, it will be a mixture of playing strengths throughout the competition. Depending on the draw you will be drawn at home at least once, possibly twice and it will be the luck of the draw as to who you play.  
Games start at 11am, then approx. 1pm and 4pm and with three matches having to be completed by 7pm the format is 15x8 ball overs, to help with the time.  Time is emphasised again by the fact that the games are played back to back, just ten minutes in between the finish and the start of the next game and it is always the away teams that play the back to back games but in total it is the equivalent of a forty overs match, albeit with less fielders than a league match.  

Home drawn clubs are not expected to provide teas as with three matches being played a set tea time is impossible to cater for, so players bring their own refreshments as well as providing an umpire and scorer and a used ball. 
No extra balls are bowled except in the last over for wides and no balls but 2 runs are scored for each of these deliveries. Happy to send a copy of last year’s rules if you would like to read up on these first or answer any questions.  
Like league matches, when entering this competition, you have to take into account travelling possible long distances, especially with the cost of petrol these days, as this is open to all clubs in the Southern League, covering a number of home counties and like Caroline with the league I am concerned about defaulted matches, so please consider this points carefully before entering this competition.

Contact: Janet Bitmead - [email protected]